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You have landed on this page because you are ready to make some exceptional changes in your life. The great news for you is that we have a great success track record and we offer you a money back guarantee should you not feel completely satisfied with our services.

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Make positive changes easier and quicker with our unique personal performance programmes. Whether you want to write a novel, have the confidence to change your job or manage your time better, we will support you achieve your goals. How much more motivated would you be with someone to champion your success and reduce the stress? Personal Coaching.

Benefits of coaching

Get a new perspective, discover your hidden strengths and learn strategies to make the better decisions. More.

Stress has never been more present than in today’s workplace. As well as fierce competition, tight deadlines, increased workloads, and pressure from a turbulent economy it seems that constant change and adaptation has become the norm. Some businesses are faced with rapid growth and others are downsizing and dealing with redundancies. If you are considering making changes in your business or your programme is proving ineffective, see our Effective Change Programme.

Leadership stress

Stress, anxiety and pressure can have it's greatest impact at leadership level. The ripples made at the top will have a cascading effect down throughout the entire organisation. The impact will be present in communication, attitude and performance. Ultimately, however well stress is managed or not will be reflected in your profits and growth. Employee Health & Well-Being Programme. Stress button

What are the costs of stress?

Stress affects relationships, decision making, productivity, family life, creativity, problem solving and health. We will show you how you can reduce the costs of absenteeism, sickness cover, recruitment, disengagement and poor performance. Contact us.

Personal programmes

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